Storehouse of Faith

We are promised trouble in this world and we are promised God’s faithfulness! Think about and store up God’s faithfulness in your heart to get you through your trials. 

Voice of Truth

What voice are you listening to today? What truth are you proclaiming over your own life today?

Nothing is Impossible

Sometimes the bathroom is the only quiet place to go when you are a mom trying to make short videos to encourage others.

Mary tried to understand what the angel was telling her. She tried to understand what God was doing through her. Eventually she just needed to trust the words, “Nothing is impossible.”

Birthday Verses

Every word of the Lord is a word for you and for me. What are you in need of today? Encouragement? Hope? Love? Wisdom? Open up your Bible and ask the Lord what He has for you today.

1 Year After Transplant

What if the trial you are in holds opportunity for growth for you as well as every one around you?

Humility = Power

For when I am weak, then I am strong! Jesus was needy as a baby. Why do we think we don’t have needs?