New Beginnings


I love the day after Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love the anticipation of Christmas. And, nothing beats waking up Christmas morning, especially with two extremely excited children in my midst. But, the day after Christmas feels like a brand new beginning. The New Year hasn’t officially started, but it’s so close, I can see it on the calendar. It’s time to start putting away the old Christmas decorations, cleaning up the end of the year mess and get ready for the New Year.

I imagine Mary and Joseph beginning their new chapter in life as earthly parents to the newborn King. A new beginning. Truly a new beginning. Our Pastor has been reminding us about the darkness that filled the days prior to Jesus’ birth. It had been so long since a prophet had shared word from God. People may have known the Law, the way to live, but there was no freshness in their walk with the Lord. It was stagnant, mechanical and in need of a fresh start.

Enter Jesus. King of Kings. The Promised One. Coming to this dark, dreary, sinful earth to offer Hope, Love and a Fresh Start. A New Beginning.

He offers that New Beginning to me. He offers it to you. When I abide in the Lord there is no stagnation. No boredom. No getting stuck.

The newness the Lord is offering me is a new found focus. Living with less distraction and more purpose. Lessons Learned at 3:00 am

The Holy Spirit is opening my heart and mind to necessary changes that are for my good and the good of my family. Hands Free Mama is giving me practical tools to implement. (Hands Free Mama)

An intentional change I am putting into practice is not carrying my cell phone around with me throughout our house. Hands Free Mama recommends closing it up in a drawer and turning it off. But, basically I just need it out of sight and out of my hands.

Christmas morning proved to be a perfect time to test out this new technology free time. My husband and I both left our cell phones upstairs while we enjoyed a focused morning with our girls.

Some things I noted in my journal about this glorious morning:

  • I wasn’t turning my head away from what my family was doing to check on every notification I was receiving.
  • I wasn’t trying to take a picture of each part of our morning and then posting it or texting it to my family and instead I was watching our morning unfold with my eyes.
  • I saw Mikayla’s huge eyes when she opened her Pokémon book and lip gloss that actually has a little twinge of color in it!
  • I not only heard Abby’s scream of excitement but I saw the delight in her face when she opened her American Girl Doll gymnastics leotard.
  • I heard Jeff’s laugh when he saw the tiny playing cards I put in his stocking.
  • We all watched the cats enthusiasm about their new squeaky toy.

What would I have missed if my phone had been within reach and eyesight and I looked away, even for just seconds, to see what notification I was receiving? Would I have heard what my family was saying, if I was trying to capture the perfect photo and immediately share it with others? Would my memories of the morning be so clear if I had started the day by filling my mind with information I found by scrolling through Facebook?

It saddens me to think of the years I filled with distraction. But, it’s freeing to know the Lord gives New Beginnings and I am just getting started.






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