Tough Question

“Let me ask you”, she said, “What are you willing to do?”

It’s a tough question isn’t it? When my husband went to a new doctor and shared his desire to naturally treat his type 2 diabetes and get off his medications, the doctor listened and paused for a minute, looked him straight in the eye and asked the tough question, “What are you willing to do?” After a bit, she explained that many patients come to her seeking greater health, but when it comes down to it, they desire a prescription that will take the work out of their hands and become the pill’s job.

prescription-drugsI am living proof that often times, medication is necessary (kidney disease story), but there are times when we seek an easy answer to a problem in which we really just need to apply some prayer,  effort, and discipline.

The doctor went on to explain to my husband that she has treated patients with type 2 diabetes that have gone off their medications and she has treated some that have remained on medication. In his case, the choice was really his.

The suggested plan:

  • Remove all foods causing him irritations such as gluten and dairy.
  • In addition to his regular walking regimen for exercise, add 3 thirty minute intensive strength training sessions week.
  • Take chromium daily.
  • Check his blood sugar daily.
  • Add more vegetables.


Being the responsible adult that he is, Jeff immediately bought chromium and began taking it. He googled exercise plans and implemented the new ideas the following day. Not completely excited about adding more vegetables, he started thinking about easy, palatable vegetables he could bring in his lunch each day.

Approximately, 2 months later, he returned to the doctor, where she checked his A1C, which is a blood sugar reading showing his 3 month average glucose level. Both Jeff and the doctor were pleasantly surprised that his blood sugar was now in the pre-diabetic range!

No magic pill brought on this improvement. No overnight cure. No easy answer. Prayer. Seeking wisdom. Listening to the doctor. Following her directions. No staying in the comfort zone.

That’s the question isn’t it? Are we willing to become uncomfortable? Will we actually make the changes needed to see results. Are we willing to live like no one else is living?

It’s easy and it’s tempting to avoid the tough questions. To just keep living a comfortable life. But, the comfortable life that promises happiness often leads to sickness, destruction, sin, and ultimately death.

I think about Matthew chapter 14, when the disciples see Jesus walking on water. Peter must have been more comfortable in the safety of the boat. But Jesus said, “Come”. Peter, in faith, walked out to meet Jesus on the water. He left the comfort of the boat and stepped out onto the waves. Peter could have chosen the comfortable route. The way that seemed to make the most sense. But, instead he stepped out.

With prayer, effort, and discipline we can also step out.

What are you willing to do?

One thought on “Tough Question

  1. Matthew – Chapter 14….one of many illustrations of the faithful stepping out in faith! What wonderful news regarding Jeff’s progress! Praying the Lord will bless you and the family in life’s journey this coming year!

    Liked by 1 person

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